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Music Artworks are made possible by top-grade artists who craft album artworks drawn from creative imaginations. We provide service to musicians who seek professional graphic illustration services that would elevate their music into visual imagery. We make it possible to give your listeners a lively experience through integrating emotional aspects into the cover artworks.


It expresses a glimpse of the unequaled fusion of art and the surface of different beats and melodies in explicit form. The design distinctively combines a range of different genres, subgenres of electronic music into a layer of art, and a great form of expression of limitless creative skills that will make everyone dive in. Artistically designed to magnify the craft and the boundless power of electronic music for enchanting EDM album art cover. Electronic Dance Music is known for its broad range form of art at different levels.


A great form of expression of persuasive art and iconic loud aggressive style with its delicate personality. The heavy metal album covers’ textures and its structure is very fine and known of its intricate craftsmanship and quality. Metal Cover Art is a combination of self-expression through forms of art, color selection, and music that captivates the loud attention of its own crowd. It has a design that suits the nightmarish moods of the music, thoughts of art, and the artistically inclined designs as an embodiment of supreme creativity of one’s individualism.

Your Concept | Our Design

The Art of Metal Music

Probably, more than any music genre out there, Metal has always been known for its roughness and the extremely high mastery of the performance. Everything about this style of music screams “power”, including cover designs of Metal songs and albums. Complex, dreadful, and sometimes even disturbing covers have been a trademark of this awesome genre since the beginning of its creation.

If you are a Metalhead, looking for a cover design for your own song or album, you may get easily overwhelmed. Maybe there are too many choices, or perhaps you cannot find any cover, that would represent your concept? In both cases, we can help you.

We understand how difficult it is to be recognized among thousands of other performers, even when you are a great musician or band. We also know that professional cover can help you attract many new potential listeners and help you be recognized more easily. That is why we specialize in creating concept-based, high-quality Metal covers, 90% of which are hand-drawn. We create covers that completely represent you and your uniqueness.

You can find some excellent examples of our work in the Shop section of this website. Just choose the tag “Metal” on the bottom of the page and you will see some of the best covers we have created. Keep in mind, that most of them were made for other performers, so no worries if you cannot find a design that would completely represent your vibe. Just contact us and we will create a personalized cover for you based on your concept!

Different Types of EDM

When it comes to EDM you can quickly get confused in its variety of different genres, especially if you are new to this diverse music style. We are going to make your life easier and briefly introduce you to two well-known EDM genres – House and Dubstep. House music is probably the most popular EDM genre out there. Some of its subgenres include Progressive, Deep, Electro, Techno, or Future house, to name a few. If you are not sure how to recognize House from other EDM genres, think about such DJs as Tiesto, David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia, or Alesso – they are some of the most iconic House music performers. If you are less into mainstream and more into heavier EDM music, you will definitely like Dubstep. What is cool about this genre is that it varies from more aggressive and intense subgenres, e.g. Drum and Bass, or Glitchstep, to pretty light ones, like Chillstep. Some examples of Dubstep artists: Skrillex, Excision, Bassnectar, 12th Planet.

We hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to House and Dubstep. If you are interested, check some of the amazing covers for these and many more EDM covers in our Shop section!

Best Death Metal Albums 2019

Last year was huge in the world of Metal music. Let’s honor it by going through some of the best Death Metal albums released in 2019. We want to start the list with a killer album We are not Your Kind by Slipknot. It is without any question the band’s most experimental release so far. Even after being in the business for three decades, these Metal experts keep on surprising us. Blood Incantation with their psychedelic album Hidden History of the Human Race is also one of our favorites. Anyone who appreciates a great Metal performance will enjoy this masterpiece, especially if they are fans of more harmonic guitar tunes. We cannot finish this list without mentioning Something Wicked Marches In by VLTIMAS. They got our attention with their super-fast guitar and double-base work, plus their perfect synchronization, which makes them sound like a legit Metal band with a really powerful character. 

Now that you know some of our favorites, it is time to reveal Your idols. Are any of our mentioned Death Metal releases of 2019 on your list?


Our music world is full of people who inspire millions. There have been great artists, performers, DJ’s who catered to this world and created an era of mixing sounds that make a whole list on being the most influential of all time. The record says that the duo of Daft Punk is called the jewels in the disco world. They top the list in the EDM artists of all time. Also, the list includes various other names as Armin van Buuren. He has an art of letting people immerse themselves in the world of dreams and passion. Another name that says so much about the artist himself is Avicii, who unfortunately left the world yet will always be remembered for his remarkable style. Others are too legendary in their own ways such as the Swedish sensation Eric Prydz, Tiesto who is called the Dutch EDM legend, and The Godfather of EDM. To end the list include Paul van Dyk, Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Hardwell, and Skrillex.


Audio Visualizer or Music Visualizer often to be loud, expressive and it involves a whole of the combination of frequency spectrum consists of combined different visual elements into one, to make an appealing and irresistible sound. The stunning synchronization of animated imagery and music as it played will make everyone go with the beat as it merges the pleasure of art and music, audio visualizers become more interesting with the touch of different colors, movements, and effects. The elements and properties of music visualizer are fascinatingly communicated through waveform and frequency.

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