Music Artworks is your one-stop shop for buying a perfect cd/album cover design. We work with the best artists in the world who put their soul into creating the most amazing arts. Perfect for musicians, bands and labels from across the world who are putting their music out there and need the perfect art to go with their music. Whether you are a rock band, an electronic or trance artist or a pop singer, you will find the cover art that is perfect for you. Our arts are specifically formatted for iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Amazon, Harvest and Source Audio.
Once a cover art is sold, the art becomes your intellectual property and will not be sold to anyone else (though it will be used for promotional purposes if needed). We also provide custom cover art services for the few of you who don’t find the perfect cover art on our site.
We have the premium cover arts (starting at $250) for those musicians who want to push the boundaries when it comes to their cover art and find something truly mind-blowing.
We also have budget options (starting at $100) for upcoming musicians who are on a budget but who value creativity and quality.
For those musicians who are just starting out and are looking for that perfect band/artist logo that millions will fall in love with, we also provide customized logo design services for those of you who are looking for the perfect logo that millions of future fans will recognize and love.

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