The Art of EDM: Volume 1

Born out of the waning flames of the era of Disco and steadily gaining popularity over the years, the genre of Electronic Dance Music has snowballed into a worldwide phenomenon that has birthed many sub-genres of its own. Whether it’s Ambient or Electro, House or Techno or even Industrial and Trance, EDM has something everyone […]

The only place for the perfect Album Cover Design

You’ve just finished recording your dream track. Or even better an entire album. And you realize it’s a whole different ball game than jamming with the guys in the basement. From sound to the studio to editing, it’s been a crazy whirlwind. But now, finally, it’s out there.  And you know it’s that special part […]

Why you should invest in a professional Cover Art?

As they say, “Never judge a book by its cover”, I’m sure we have been guilty of doing exactly that at some or the other point of time in our lives. In fact, I know of a cover art designer who’s a living testimony to the fact that people in the music industry have been […]

Looking for an inspiring Metal Cover Art? Music Artworks has just that!

Whether you’re a growler, a screamer, a machine-head or a soulful folk-rocker, no album is ever complete without some cool cover art that speaks to its themes and ideas. Music Artworks collaborates with only the best artistic talent to provide you with a tailored design that speaks to your sound, your message and your work. […]

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We provide top notch pre-made and custom album/track cover art designs made for musicians and bands like never seen before, Designed by angels that put their hearts and souls into making art.


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