Do you also design custom Album covers and how much does it cost?

Yes, we do take custom design projects. You can contact us to request a custom project. While filling the contact form be sure to give as much info about the project as you can. Also, try to attach few images for references that will help us get an idea of your taste.

The rates depend on the complexity of the project and the time it will take to complete it. It’s hard to come up with a number without knowing what exactly you want. But just to give you an idea the cost of a custom project starts at $300 and can depend on the project.

Will I own the rights once I have purchased the design?

Yes, you will own the exclusive rights of the cover art and you may do as you wish with it, though we might use it in our portfolio for promotional purposes.

Which files will I get?

You will get a Minimum of 1600px, 1200px, 1000px 300dpi Jpeg images and a PDF file for editing the file if needed. The image file will work on iTunes, Spotify, Google Music, and many other platforms.

Can you tweak the premade design a little bit for me?

If you want to change the font, Content alignment or remove/add any specific elements to the design then you can contact us before purchasing the design and then we can let you know if the cover art can be customized according to your needs. You can also request for a custom project if you wish.

We like to buy a cover art, but we have still not come up with a song/album name!

If you have not come up with any title for the artwork. Then you can simply ask us to supply a blank design (without the titles) or we can hold the design for you and when you come up with a title then you can let us know and we will add them to the artwork.

What other design services do you provide?

We can provide any kind of design services for anyone. Our design specialists are ready for any kind of projects such as premium quality logo designs, social media banners, top-notch portraits, website design improvement and much more. 

How long does the process take?

After you have placed your order. We will start working on the artwork by adding your song title and logo to the cover art, You would be emailed a download link to the cover art files. It can take a few Hours or even a few days(usually within 24 hours). We will be in contact with you throughout this process, You will be shown a preview of the cover art with your content and when you are satisfied with the content alignment we will email the download link to the cover art files as soon as possible.

Can I request a refund

As the products we offer are digital, we typically only issue refunds if there is a technical problem with the transaction (You completed the payment process but the transaction failed).

We’re unfortunately unable to process refunds for order which was successfully completed because once you purchase an exclusive cover art from our website it goes out of stock as soon as your transaction is completed, And we cant resell a cover art which became out of stock as it might give our users a false impression that we are cheating them by selling an exclusive design more than once.

You can contact us if you need more details about a certain product, like the type of the files you will get, The size of the cover art you will get and more.